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Wifi Audio Receiver Transmitter

This Wifi Audio Receiver is unrivalled for suitors who desire the best video and Audio quality when watching movies and video games, this device comes with a high-quality resolution screen and built-in bluetooth so you can easily share videos and music with friends and family. Additionally, this device can convert from 4 k to 3 d vision and then share with your computer or phone.

Cheap Wifi Audio Receiver Transmitter

The hifi digital music sound wireless Audio is an exceptional choice to enjoy your Wifi Audio Receiver with your digital music, this adapter allows you to Transmitter into your compatible smartphone, laptop, or digital camera. Whether you're streaming your digital music from your Wifi radio or buying music online, the hifi digital music sound wireless Audio is a top-notch surrogate to make your streaming experience better, this Wifi Audio Receiver is a high-fidelity converter for tv pc that will let you listen to your favorite Audio content without having to leave your home network. It also features two antennas to improve speech recognition performance and a green light to indicate that the Receiver is online, the Wifi Audio Receiver is a low-cost and easy-to-use device that helps you connect your Wifi network sources like sound, tv, and computer to create a multimedia collective. The Transmitter can be used to transmit Audio over a Wifi network, or to receive Audio and video over a Wifi network, this wireless bluetooth adapter is enticing for transmitting and receiving Audio and video over a network. It includes an 2 in1 Audio adapter and a built-in bluetooth transmitter, the Transmitter as well connection to a phone or tablet for facile use.