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Vintage Shortwave Receivers

This is a Vintage Shortwave receiver with manual untested on, it is moreover tracked by csc and other Vintage Shortwave receivers. You will find a high quality Vintage Shortwave radio at an unbeatable price.

Vtg Hallicrafters Model SX-62 Radio Ham Shortwave AM FM Powers Up Asis

Vtg Hallicrafters Model SX-62 Radio

By Hallicrafters


Vintage The Hallicrafters Co. S-40 HAM Radio Short-Wave Receiver FOR PARTS ONLY

Vintage The Hallicrafters Co. S-40

By Hallicrafters



Vintage Shortwave Receivers Ebay

This Vintage model s-53 a Shortwave receiver is a good condition example of the type, it provides the model 53 an and is moreover good in terms of its good condition. This is from the 50 s and is a favorite among Vintage Shortwave listeners, it is still in good condition and features a model 53 a receiver with an 3. 5 v ccm battery, the also includes some ingredients such as a digital clock and a stepped tuning waveform generator. This is an outstanding condition that is likewise available for purchase, this item is a Vintage Shortwave radio from an 12000 khz band. It is a very rare item and is located in the back of the radio, it is fabricated of metal and plastic and gives a few marks on it. The radio is working and grants the usual features, this is a top-notch addition to all collection! The Vintage hq-110 c Shortwave ham radio receiver is a top-rated little radio that comes with a valuable light. This radio is tested and works great, the light shines brightly and is on when you first turn on the radio. This is a first rate radio to have assuming that digging for a small and effortless to handle radio, this is a Vintage Shortwave receiver that isstd-mice. We do not have any feedback for this model, however, this model imparts an 100-watt low power limit and is considered an untested product.