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Vintage Sansui Receivers

This Vintage receiver is complete and in excellent condition, the glass front window is nearly fully serviced with no any flaws. The receivers, biz is very clean with only a few blemishes. The sound is excellent with no major problems, this receiver is would be a sterling addition to your store.

Best Vintage Sansui Receivers

This Vintage 551 receiver is working and original! It is about 5 years old and gives not been used much, the case is in unrivaled condition with no marks or repairs. The interior is covered in case and with various other receivers, this one is a good candidate for a new owner! If you're wanting for a stylish and easy-to-use stereo receiver, the 2000 a from is excellent for you! This receiver is straightforward to set up and use, allowing you to connect to your computer or cell phone receipt bookshelf to get ridgid music listening right at your fingertips. The 2000 an also includes an extensive built-in music library, making it a peerless receiver for the biggest music libraries or single sources, plus, the 2000 a features sansui'snone setting, making it uncomplicated to nil any audio sources you don't want to hear music from. This Vintage receiver is a first rate opportunity to own one of the most iconic stereo receivers in the market, the stereo receiver features a stylish design with an elegant sleek style. It is unequaled for a busy music lover, and features all the basic features you need to hear your music without all the extra features that come with other receivers, this receiver is moreover air-tight, so you can be sure it will not leak your music. This is a Vintage receivers from 2000, it gives a solid tuner and an amplifier. The receiver is working with built in antenna and is able to hear clear audio, it is a peerless substitute for stereo.