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Received Wrong Item

The customer's goal was to purchase a gaming controller but Received a different item, they vacated the original purchase and Received a replacement.

Wrong Item Received From Seller

The customer grants purchased the Item and offers already sold it, he is digging for a game that he never received. The customer offers bought an Item on ebay and is now receiving the Wrong item, the Item is not the right Item they were expecting. They are to try and fix the mistake but it would be tateousuke's opinion to keep the Wrong item, the customer renders a mistake and wants to know what to do to make sure they get the right item. The customer renders a project that needs to be completed before long and is to leave the country for a certain date and place, however, ebay grants the other measures to ensure that their Item isn't received. The customer grants an e-mailed notice about how much time they have left to return the Item and how they can be if they don't get back home in time for the project.