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Logitech Unifying Receiver

This Logitech nano Receiver is an excellent alternative to add some voip and text messaging convenience to your shopping experience, this device comes with a free shipping label to take your shopping to your sent email address. The nano Receiver also includes a built in speakers for creating or streaming video.

Logitech Usb Unifying Receiver

This Logitech Unifying Receiver dongle is terrific for logitech's new usb- shake-no- shake devices, this device with many usb receivers to create a standard usb- shake-no- shake device. The Logitech Unifying Receiver dongle also allows you to control your device with a variety of standard usb keys and devices, the Logitech Unifying Receiver for mouse and keyboard is a top-notch substitute to have two computers work together. It includes a Logitech media remote, abed to control your favorite software, this product is furthermore available as a built-in keyboard and mouse. The Logitech mouse Receiver is a sleek, modern nano Receiver that classic mice need to be more than they should be, this sleek and modern nano Receiver lets you control your mouse with a simple and straightforward to handle keychain approach. The keychain can include either a full-sized keyboard or a Logitech (or any other Logitech mouse), this keychain can also include a Receiver that is fully Unifying with your mouse. This means that any mouse that presents a Receiver can use your old mouse as a keychain, this Logitech mouse gives an Unifying Receiver that lets you use other devices with the computer. The mouse grants a dpi setting and weight to make it comfortable to use.