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Logitech K330 Receiver

Logitech's new K330 wireless keyboard and mouse are enticing solution for an individual wanting receivers, biz shopping from where ever they go. You can use this keyboard to access your music, books, and movies with just a few keystrokes, the K330 also includes an always-on monitor that will show your shopping progress and results.

Logitech K330 Usb Receiver

Logitech K330 wireless desktop keyboard is an outstanding keyboard for both home and office use, it is a keyboard that is designed to work and look like a keyboard, and it is manufactured to work like a keyboard. The keyboard presents a small design change that makes it straightforward to use, and it also presents a good key feel, the Logitech K330 keyboard is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that offers a personalized experience with your computer. You can control your keyboard and mouse using your computer's receivers, biz connection, without ever having to ak the tools the Logitech K330 Receiver is a sterling surrogate to get the most out of your receivers. Biz and connected applications, with this powerful keyboard and mouse, you can work and play on your computer or other device with or without a receiver. The Logitech K330 wireless keyboard and mouse is an unequaled addition to your computer's wireless network, with its built-in keyboard and mouse, you can use it to type or clicker games, or use the keyboard to move or click objects. The keyboard also imparts a backlight that increase brightness for increased visibility, the K330 also supports the use of a Receiver dongle, which allows you to operate the keyboard and mouse together in a single package.