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Logitech K270 Receiver

Logitech K270 wireless keyboard is an outstanding solution for busy professionals who need the best access to have without showing off, this keyboard grants a white backlight and black keyboard with a black receiver, making it facile to key in commands and control your computer from anywhere in the world. Plus, the wireless technology ensures only the best access, so you can keep your precision.

LOT OF 4 Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard NO RECEIVER NO BATTERY AAA

LOT OF 4 Logitech K270

By Logitech


Logitech K270 Receiver Replacement

The Logitech K270 Receiver is a beneficial device when you need to access web pages or files that are in another location than the one at the time the Receiver was used, the keypad and other features are also unrivaled for use your computer's key stroke. This is a good device for working on projects or watching movies and games, the Logitech K270 lost Receiver is top-rated for gamers and other who grove on to take long drives. With its long range and clear keyset, you can control your keys and keysets without ever having to take your hands off the keyboard, plus, the rich color and finish will make you stand out from the rest. This keyboard works with both the Logitech K270 wireless keyboard and the K270 mouse, the keyboard imparts a detachable cable that can be worn on the hand or kept in an its own carrying case. This is a brand new Logitech K270 wireless keyboard and m317 mouse w usb receiver, it provides a best-in-class design with detachable cable that goes from your hand to the mouse. It is excellent for both home and office use, the wireless technology means that you can still use the Receiver on top of the computer, without having to the keyboard renders a matx design that will give you or in your home or office set up. The K270 keyboard extends a gold-colored design that is sure to get you noticed, the renders a single-player mode so you can focus on the game. The K270 keyboard offers a single-player mode so you can focus on the game.