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Kenwood Kr-v5580 Receiver

If you're digging for an amazing audio experience with a clear sound, then you need to go through the new Kenwood kr-v5580 receiver! This device comes with an amplifier tuner and a dolby digital surround speaker, both of which can help you boost the quality in your broadcasts! Additionally, the kr-v5580's speaker can provide a sound with adjacent voices and voices being heard more clearly.

Kenwood Kr-v5580 Receiver Ebay

The kr-v5580 is a new 80 watt Receiver from vintage Kenwood that peerless for the home theater, it is a vintage style Receiver with black housing and white front screen. It presents a mix of red and green wires so it can be connected to different outlets than the standard Kr the Kr presents an 3-disc cd player, a built-in speaker and an internal antenna for better reception, it is sure to provide a top-of-the-line home theater experience. This is a very good vintage Kenwood Kr receiver, it is an 80 watt Receiver and tested to deliver up to 80 channels with up to 12 v power. It is an enticing alternative for a home theater project or for use with a surround sound system, this Kenwood audio video stereo Receiver is a first rate surrogate for lovers who yearn for a high-quality audio and video Receiver without the extra cost. It features an innovative design with a built-in speaker and a front-end that is basic touse, the kr-v5580 also supports converters and extends a long warranty. This is a service manual for the Kenwood kr-v5580 receiver, it is original and extends very few pages. It is about only source of information on the Receiver and provides technical support.