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H24 200 Receiver

The h24-200 Receiver is an unrivaled solution for all your digital directv needs, with it, you can enjoy crystal-clear digital tv all over your house.

H24 200 Receiver Ebay

The directv h24-200 hd satellite Receiver is best-in-the-class for all that want satellite Receiver needs, this device offers a high-definition signal, so you can get all the programming you need. Additionally, the h24-200 hd satellite Receiver offers an outstanding performance, with so many features, this Receiver is sure to please. This 200-foot indirect-satellite Receiver presents digital video for a larger audience, although it is not for remotes, it does not have a cable box, so it is practical for watching tv shows and movies through your computer or phone. It is again free to operate through your tv's airplay feature, this Receiver also features h24-200's digital audio and video quality for a better experience. The directv h24-200 hd satellite Receiver is an enticing device to add to your tv set-up, it grants an 200-band antenna and can handle dtv networks status updates and downloads. The Receiver also includes a power cord and remote, so you can be sure you have everything you need to add this device to your home tv system, with its powerful, easy-to-use right and left unidirectional wireless antennas, this Receiver can easily provide all the signal you need to provide a strong, clear experience. The power cord length is unfortunately not adjustable, so it's best used as a short-term solution, the included power cord and remote are also a good solution for use the Receiver at home.