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Gamecube Wireless Controller Receiver

The nintendo gamecube wavebird wireless controller receiver is the perfect way to control your gamecube wireless controller. This controller is tested and working with the gamecube and other wireless controllers.

For GameCube NGC Console 2.4G Wireless Game Controller and Receiver

For GameCube NGC Console 2.4G

By Unbranded/Generic


Wavebird Receiver Only

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Wavebird Controller Receiver

The wavebird controller receiver is tested and working for the nintendo gamecube. You can use it to control your wavebird bird launcher from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're watching a bird land or bird birdmode race, the wavebird controller receiver will let you know right away which is which. this wavebird receiver is a great replacement for the nintendo gamecube dol-004 wavebird gray wireless controller. The wavebird receiver features a gray wireless controller with a built-in microphone and speaker. It is compatible with devices that have a wireless network, such as the nintendo gamecube dol-004. The wavebird receiver can also be used to control devices using a wired network. this is a nintendo gamecube wireless wavebird receiver that was tested. It has a silver controller w receiver. It is also tested to work with the new nintendo wavebird mobile app. the nintendo gamecube wavebird wireless controller is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite video games without even knowing it. This controller includes a built-in wireless network and is perfect for playing video games online.