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Fisher Stereo Receiver

This Fisher Stereo Receiver is a top-notch condition product! It comes with a walnut receivers, biz and is sterling for listening music. It is further top-of-the-heap for adding features to your home’s decor.

Vintage Fisher Receiver

This Fisher Receiver is in excellent condition with only 1 defacement on the front kai new wallet engraving! This Receiver is also imparts a new grill on the corners and this isuesday's the returned this Receiver is a pre-owned item and have the image for your interaction, this is an and this Fisher 500 c Stereo fm tube Receiver is a first-class surrogate to improve your fm radio operation. This Receiver is without tubes, so it is top-of-the-heap for suitors scouring to increase their fm radio operation, with a new, modern design, this Receiver is sure to give your operations in the field a boost. This Fisher 500 c Stereo fm tube Receiver is sure to provide you with the best results when operating your fm radio operations, this is a vintage Fisher rs-2003 studio standard Stereo receiver. It is untested and not tested for quality or performance, this is a vintage Fisher Receiver with 2022 watts of power. It is just serviced.