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Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module

The Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module is a splendid alternative to connect your smartphone or computer with Bluetooth to listen to your Audio content, the Module lets you enjoy sound quality and compatibility with both your Audio files and apps. With the Bluetooth Audio Receiver module, you can easily hear and understand your Audio files without having to adopt the nearby speaker.

KCX BT002 Audio Speaker Receiver Module Wireless Stereo Circuit Board bluet

KCX BT002 Audio Speaker Receiver

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For Car Phone Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board Wireless Stereo Sound Module

For Car Phone Bluetooth 4.0

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KRC-86B CSR8630 Bluetooth 4.0 Module Stereo Audio Receiver Amplifier Board

KRC-86B CSR8630 Bluetooth 4.0 Module

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Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module Amazon

The Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module is a sterling tool for Bluetooth Audio transfer and communication, it provides stereo Audio connection between two devices, making it beneficial for stressful or noisy situations. The transmitter headset and phone or iphone can share Audio and text chat with each other through bluetooth, the Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module for your car is exceptional for shoppers who yearn to audio-in-the-car. This high-quality board offers 3, 5 mm Audio input, a stereo music player with pandora and amazon, and ajustice-2 update that includes a new home button. Not to mention, it comes with a decoding Module for straightforward music streaming and an is a custom car Bluetooth Audio Receiver that i built for myself, it is an 5. 0 ghz stereo car Audio unit that i love, i used an 3. 5 mm Audio input to connect the to the car's phone line and pandora, i also used the phone line to connect the to my work phone line so that i could listen to my music when i'm out and about. The also extends a remote control for control over music playback, sound effects, and even phone call sound, the is fabricated from durable plastic and offers a hard-shell case. The car Bluetooth Audio unit gives a back-up battery that will power up the unit if the car is left without air conditioning or climate control for too long, the also renders a front-end decal that will help you plan your car Audio experience. What i like about is that it is a custom car Bluetooth unit that is manufactured to be your own personal Audio receiver, the imparts a back-up battery and is manufactured from durable plastic. It gives a hard-shell case, the Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module is a must-have for any car that wants to enjoy music and hear phone and receivers. Biz calls without having to connect any additional devices, this innovative and new car Bluetooth Receiver Module provides 5. 0 stereo sound with 3, 5 mm Audio input and a led light up for basic on-the-go. The board is designed for use with the latest iphone and android devices, and can play music, phone calls, and online games without any experience or knowledge of car audio, make your car life easier and enjoy better car Audio with the new Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module the Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module is a first-rate substitute to enjoy your Audio experience with our Bluetooth Audio receiver. This Module includes a board that decoding and decode the Audio for you, as well as dac and amplifier, the board is again able to amplify your Audio with up to 30.