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10/22 Receiver

The 10/22 receiver is a great choice for those looking for a well-rounded gun. This receiver includes a viton bolt stop design that helps to keep firearms from turning on each other, as well as a black alloys steel pin's and receiver's. The trigger guard is also a great choice, thanks to its white anodized aluminum motor mount.

10/22 80% Receiver

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Ruger 10/22 Stripped Receiver

This is a ruger 10/22 receiver plugfiller screks blue positive stop. This will help to keep the receiver in good condition while you are working on it. this is a ruger 1022 set of 4 factory stainless receiver filler plug screws. this is a 10/22 type receiver that is built to be powerful. It includes a ruger charger barrel and handle, parts for a 1022 altira and corresponding pins. The parts kit includes handle, barrel, and parts. This receiver is designed to attach to a bolt assembly handle and can be used with the 10/22mm or 10/44mm style barrel. The parts are also designed to take takedown shots. this is a ruger 1022 receiver filler plug screws set. It contains 4 screws, 2 of which are the screws that go into the stock of the gun. The others are 2 screws into the left side of the receiver, near the top. This set of screws is important for using the stock as a screw point to tighten up the screws on the gun - it makes it easier to adjust the distance of the screws.